About Us

Sadler Consultants Europe GmbH is a small consultancy, run by Lucy Sadler. We specialise in Air Quality Policy, working around Europe with different clients.
Lucy has over 20 years’ air quality experience from technical, to policy, to implementation. Previously to Sadler Consultants, Lucy led London’s London-wide Mayor's Air Quality Team from its inception, producing and implementing the first Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy. Her background in physics, engineering and air quality assessment has helped to ensure a robust scientific basis to her work. Also see our Brochure for more details.
Sadler Consultants has a track record of bringing research projects together and working across Europe, with a broad range of issues, including the EU technical measures project, which was undertaken together with STS in the UK and IFEU in Germany.
We run an EU-wide Network for Low Emission Zone authorities, which includes a public website with the only single source of iinformation on LEZs in Europe - www.urbanaccessregulations.eu.
Sadler Consultants has undertaken many reports and on air quality policy, including on Low Emission Zones, air quality policies in London, Europe and Asia, the impact and reduction possibilities for construction emissions.
Prior to setting up Sadler Consultants, Lucy was head of Air Quality for the Mayor of London, and lled the production and implementation of London’s first Mayoral Air Quality Strategy, one of the first to be implemented in any large city. This included:

*  the London Low Emission Zone Feasibility Study
*  air quality advice to the Central London Congestion Charge
*  assessing & guiding the air quality work of 33 London local authorities
*  negotiating emissions standards for London buses and taxis
*  producing emissions inventories, and guidance and helplines for emissions inventories for DEFRA
*  managing air quality modelling contracts
*  assessing planning applications and unitary development plans
*  ensuring consistency with all the Mayor’s other strategies, in particular transport, landuse planning,
    energy, noise and climate change
*  explaining policies to both public and stakeholders
*  developing measures that are well-founded in science, as well as being implementable, effective and
    politically acceptable
* a good understanding of political and stakeholder realities
*  significant experience of EU and national Government issues


Lucy’s work has also included advice to stakeholders, the UK Government and the EU, as well as cities and Governments in China, Hungary, India and around Europe.


Lucys previous background also included work on Government guidance and helplines, and prototype air quality monitor development and use.


Lucy’s CV gives further details of her experience, as do Recent Work and Publications

  • a leading urban air quality strategy in Europe, and one of the first to be produced and implemented for a large city
  • gives guidance to London local authorities on their air quality work
  • sets out the measures that the Mayor will take, and encourage, or require, others to
       take to improve air quality towards meeting the very challenging, health-based
       European Union (EU) and UK Government air quality targets
  • gives background on air quality, and what to do to improve it, to both experts and non-specialists
  • the measures it contains are based on solid research