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One-stop source of information on Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Europe, run by Sadler Consultants on behalf of a network of cities and ministries that operate urban access regulations, low emission zones, congestion charging and traffic restrictions: urbanaccessregulations.eu.

UK Government air quality monitoring website, with UK air quality information, Government air quality reports, guidance, and in fact a Government repository for air quality information: www.airquality.co.uk

UK national atmospheric emissions inventory: www.naei.org.uk

UK Government Guidances, helplines, best practice - very useful site:  www.uwe.ac.uk/aqm/review/index.html

London Air Quality Monitoring Data: www.londonair.org.uk

UK Government (DEFRA)'s Air Quality Page: www.defra.gov.uk/environment/airquality

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This page covers a selection of publications completed by Lucy Sadler in her previous capacity as Air Quality Strategy lead officer at the Greater London Authority, on behalf of the Mayor of London, and previous capacities.
An abstract with an overview of the different Low Emission Zones in Europe, for the "Haus der Tecknik" training course on particulate traps in June 2007. There is much more information available than presented in this abstract, please contact us to find out more.
An article on the Sadler Consultants EU study into how the Commission can help further emissions reduction for existing vehicles. Published in the Austrian Engineer and Architecture Journal (Österreichische Ingenieur- und Architekten-Zeitschrift (ÖIAZ))
EU Study Article (pdf 286kB)
Sadler Consultants undertook a research project the European Commission reviewing the technical measures available to reduce PM and NOx emissions from existing vehicles, develop policies for the Commission to undertake to support the most promising, and data for the Commission to model their cost effectiveness. Please click here for further information.
A report undertaken for the UK PRECIS group, that developed the London Construction Code to reduce emissions from construction sites
Achieving the EU Air Quality Limit Values – a city viewpoint” together with Berlin and Paris and “A Low Emission Zone for London” at the 13th World Clean Air and Environmental Protection Congress and Exhibition 

Many presentations to various bodies, international visitors, conferences, Government, the Mayor on air quality issues for example:
*    the EU-sponsored “Air Pollution Abatement Planning in Europe”, 1 April 2003  (warning, the dowload takes a while to download)
*    USEPA/EU/SEPA Strategic Approaches to Regional Air Quality Management in China Conference, 24-6 October 2005 (pdf 944kB)
*     Workshop on Regional Initiatives for Air Quality, 25th August 2005, held by the EU and the Dutch Ministry of the Environment (pdf 28kB).
The London Low Emission Zone Feasibility Study Phase II – technical lead for Steering Group

The London Low Emission Zone Feasibility Study Phase I – main author 

London Atmospheric Emissions Inventories for 1996 and 1999 - responsible for many of the components
The first UK Government emissions inventory guidance – major contributor
“Remote Sensing of Vehicle Emissions on British Urban Roads”, Science of the Total Environment 189/190 (1996) 155-160


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