With Lucy Sadler's track record Sadler Consultants can help you:

*  in developing, implementing, or reacting to air quality policy, particularly with respect of transport emissions.
*  with further information on urban access regulations, low emission zones, congestion charges around Europe and the rest of the world.

*  in Learning Lessons from around Europe
       -  in particular from experiences of the London Low Emission Zone feasibility study, Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy and Congestion Charge

*  in conducting investigations, studies and research reports

*  by giving guidance on air quality management
Sadler Consultants offers to bring this experience, both broad and detailed, to your team.

We can assist you with :

*   Air quality policy work, particularly for local authorities, technology providers and vehicle fleet operators
*   In understanding what air quality measures are being undertaken, and therefore the potential market for air pollution abatement technologies 
*   Investigations, feasibility studies and research reports
*   Information on urban access regulations, Low Emission Zones, congestion charges around Europe
*   In depth experience of the London Air Quality Strategy and Low Emission Zone
*   Guidance to authorities on air quality management
*   Production of emissions inventories, and/or guidance on their use.
*   For any other related issues, just contact us and ask.
*   See our Brochure, recent work and publications sections for more details