Lucy Sadler CV

Lucy Sadler's CV

Lucy has over 16 years’ experience in the environment field, concentrating on air quality, from technical, to policy and implementation. Lucy led the London Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy development and implementation, and has more recently started her own consultancy business. Lucy’s key skills cover:


*   Air Quality policy and strategy development and implementation primarily relating to air quality, but also
     transport, landuse planning, energy and noise

*   Understanding of EU-wide air quality management and technical measures to reduce emissions

*   Experience of  Low Emission Zones around Europe, congestion charging and working in a political, local authority, environment
*   Giving guidance for, and assessment of, local authority air quality work, ensuring a high standard of work
*   Undertaking research and feasibility studies, on air quality, transport and landuse planning issues
*   Negotiation on policy development and implementation, and when working in partnership with different

*   Air Quality Emissions Inventories including provision and use of data
*   Air Quality Modelling, experience of using information, and managing contracts
*   Project and personnel management for strategy development and implementation and research projects


Mother Tongue: English. Other Languages: German and French.


Sadler Consultants (2005 - ) – Director

In August 2005, Lucy set up Sadler Consultants, as an independent consultancy specialising in air quality policy, and other aspects of air quality. A list of example publications completed as Sadler Consultants can be found under Recent Work.

The projects undertaken include the Low Emission and Environment Zones in Europe Network providing support to Low Emission Zone (LEZ) authorities and the only single source of information on LEZs around Europe, leading an EU research project: “Assessment of the impact on costs and emissions of technical measures on existing heavy duty vehicles and captive fleets”; reviewing technical measures including retrofits and cleaner fuels, providing data for the EU cost effectiveness model and developing policies to support them. Air quality management training under the German GTZ (foreign aid agency) for Indian delegates, leading international conferences including PRONET and Dustconf, various reports and talks on topics such as air quality management, low emission zones, emissions abatement possibilities.


Greater London Authority (2000 – 2005) – Principal Policy Advisor and Lead Officer on the London Air Quality Strategy for the Mayor of London

As the lead officer responsible for producing London’s first Mayoral Air Quality Strategy Lucy was responsible for devising, negotiating, and most importantly implementing policies and proposals to improve London’s air quality. Meeting the national objectives and EU Limit Values is a huge challenge for London.


Much of the work involved negotiating, liasing and networking to agree and implement the Strategy both with other interests inside the Authority, and with external stakeholders including local authorities, industry and transport operators. Lucy is well versed in political awareness having worked with amongst others, the Mayor, the 25 elected Assembly members and external stakeholders.


The most interesting of the many projects Lucy was involved with are:


*   Producing the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy
*   London Low Emission Zone Feasibility Study – technical lead on the Steering Group for phase 2, and       author of phase 1
*   Air quality advice to the Central London Congestion Charge, and assisted in negotiating the 100%         discount on the cleanest alternatively fuelled vehicles


Assessing the air quality work of the 33 London local authorities, both of air quality assessments and action plans. Co-ordination of, guidance for and the sharing of information and best practice for London borough air quality work was essential to maximise the improvement of air quality in London.


Lucy had responsibility for ensuring that the air quality aspects of the largest planning applications were adequately addressed, and giving recommendations to refuse planning permission where appropriate. Ensuring that London planning guidance adequately included air quality was also an important part of this.

Close co-operation was essential on transport, energy, noise, planning, culture, biodiversity, economy, and waste issues, and Lucy ensured that consistency was maintained with these strategies, requiring an understanding of these areas. Consistency was also essential with sustainable development, the UK and London’s commitment to climate change, and particularly CO2 reduction targets

Lucy had responsibility for ensuring that the air quality aspects of the largest planning applications were adequately addressed, and giving recommendations to refuse planning permission where appropriate. Ensuring that London planning guidance adequately included air quality was also an important part of this.

Lucy had significant experience of EU and national government issues, as well as those in a number of other countries, particularly in the EU. Keeping informed of systems in other EU member states, through various conferences and dialogues was also required.

London Research Centre (1996 - 2000) - Senior Researcher – Air Quality and Emissions Inventories

The London Research Centre was a pan-London body working for the London boroughs, funded through subscription of the boroughs and commercial contracts. It became part of the Greater London Authority. This involved projects including:

*   undertaking the leading UK local emissions inventories for national government and local authorities *   running the UK government emissions inventory helpdesk *   helping write the UK emissions inventory government guidance *   advising the EU AutoOil programme technical groups *   setting up air quality management projects in London, Budapest and Newcastle *   putting together bids and contract tenders. *   providing a handbook for use with the inventory
*   negotiating for and manipulated data
*   running training courses on inventories, and air quality management systems
*   writing scientific articles and being a peer reviewer


Southwark Council (1995 - 1996) - Research Officer

Southwark Council employed Lucy following her MSc to continue the work started under the MSc thesis (see below) and report to the EU Life programme. This included involvement in their Local Agenda 21 work.


Southwark Council and Greenwich University (1994 – 1995) - MSc Student

Lucys MSc was by research together with lectures. The research was under an EU Life programme on using the remote sensing of vehicle exhausts on urban streets in London.

Pollution Monitoring Systems Limited (1993 - 1994) - Engineer

Lucy was a development Engineer on the development of a prototype open path gas analyser.